Beating the blues and getting back to the PhD, felt like a mammoth task for me early January. It may have been all the Twiglets, turkey, copious consumption of mulled wine and 13 days off devoted to family affairs / feuds that meant that when I began to engage my brain back in to my PhD, it felt like Tommy Lee Jones has wiped my memory with his mind contraption (does anyone actually know the name of that thing?).

Any how, after the innate fight or flight mechanism kicked in, I realised (after a whole day of procrastination and ‘networking’ around our faculty coffee machine), that I needed to set myself some very short, simple deadlines (read two articles, contact UEL about a forthcoming seminar series, read my newly written research proposal and decide whether I still understand it) to boost my self-efficacy back to its usual levels… whilst obviously rewarding myself, with a networking breaks again, providing that social inclusion and caffeine kick required.

Additional to completing the mini-tasks / projects, I also found myself re-iterating myself why I was doing it all… (it’s very easy to loose perspective!)… writing list of all the pro’s, cons, future ambitions, how the PhD links and more importantly how I’m going to get there / contribute to the aims in the next 12 months! I soon realised if I don’t read the two seminal books sitting in front of me at my desk, six articles, request to join a key seminar at UEL, organise potential teaching for the semester, ill never get there… a big enough motivation for me…