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October 2013

British Academy of Management (BAM) Doctoral Symposium (9 Sept 2013)

On the 9 September, my colleague Irina and I ventured up to the dizzy heights of Liverpool to take part in BAM’s doctoral symposium – an event for networking with other business PhD’s and researcher training (how to develop convincing arguments, coherance of methodology etc). I am however not going to ramble on and talk about what we got up to – that would just be boring (apart from the fact at midnight we were glugging red wine with THE Saunders (et al!) 2000 and something (yes the guy who created the research onion!!!).

In essence the blog is purely to share my notes and insights from the day – so see both attachments below…

Prof David Deyner Slides – Conducting a Literature Review (BAM 2013) – OFFICIAL SLIDES FROM PROF DENYER (CRANFIELD)


If anything doesnt make sense in the notes, or you want to talk through any parts – email me:

Mike and Irina - BAM

Cambridge Festival of Ideas talk – ‘Impact of mega-events and local festivals on local businesses’ (7-9pm, 23 Oct) – Room LAB006

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Talk outline

The London 2012 Games project has passed for those organising and delivering its logistics. However, stories of impact and potential ‘Olympic Legacy’ for local communities and traders are starting to unfold. Will the utopian futures of ‘Olympic Legacy’ hold true for local business?

This talk will explore the potential ways such mega-event and local festival projects (from London 2012 to EAT Cambridge 2013) can impact on local businesses, highlight the potential opportunities and uncertainties that entrepreneurs can face, and discuss some of the key arguments and dichotomies that exist within event delivery. We draw up on previous case study examples and data collected from London 2012 as a foundation for debate.

Guest speakers

I am pleased to announce an excellent selection of speakers – a blend of expert and local knowledge:

Dr Ilaria Pappalepore (Senior Lecturer in Tourism, Anglia Ruskin) – touching on how local creative industries can be impacted by mega-events

Lorraine Turton (Chair, East Greenwich Business Association) – providing experience of Greenwich’s local business community impacts pre, during and post-Games

Ceri Littlechild (Mill Road Coordinator, Cambridge City Council) – responsible as a liaison between council and community, Ceri will be providing anecdotal experience from local traders as to the economic and social impacts of events on Mill Road traders.

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