Digital Scholarship 2014 – 10 simple social media tips in 10 winter’y weeks!

Early this year (Jan – Feb 2014) I am going to plough plenty of energy  towards writing a number of short blogs aimed at developing digital literacy for PhD’s right through to senior academics. The idea is to create 10 very informal tips, every week on a specific theme that can be easily digested into the life of any academic – that will run alongside my ‘Becoming a Digital Scholar’ programme of physical workshops at Anglia Ruskin University in 2014.


Yep, you may be thinking, its not really my cup of tea. I haven’t got time. Academia does not need these non-traditional routes (e.g. Twitter, blogs, Flicker). But although the traditional routes of academia will not disappear anytime soon, the real-time opportunity to disseminate all the cool things are you research (and develop yourself as a global scholar) is becoming revolutionised by the advent of social and digital tools…!

Here is a snapshot of things i’ll be covering…

  • How ‘digital technology’ is changing the field of global academic scholarship
  • The complex options for being ‘social’
  • The power of the blog
  • Blurring the lines between personal and profession social networking – do’s and dont’s
  • Connecting your research data via ‘infographics’
  • Developing your online academic profile – tips and tools for networking!

The first one starts next Monday (13th Jan, 2014) and will be run for 10 winter’y weeks to get your digital literacy up to the top of the class!

Follow my blog for automatic updates, or just keep checking back here!! Hope to have you along…!

See you soon!
Mike – the Olympic Researcher