A policy forum: How were small local businesses affected by the London 2012 Games in their area?

Tell your story via ‘Talk London’ forum: http://talklondon.london.gov.uk/education-economy/business-economy/discussions/how-were-small-local-businesses-affected-london-2012 

Just 20 minutes ago, ‘Talk London’ highlighted a great space to talk about the main issues of London 2012 – how has the Olympic Games affected the lives of local’s, Imagenamely local businesses across those Olympic Boroughs that hosted them, pre, during and post-Games. 

It is your story that inspires and illuminates the potential local legacies of the Games, and I ask and hope all those local businesses with an interest to share your stories. 

To share your views on how the Games affected them, for good and for bad. The Olympics posed a vast number of opportunities for local’s, and the ambitions for the Games were / could have been immensely beneficial for these local communities. My research so far suggests this, but it also highlights a community group that may not have benefited to the maximum potential (whether that was up to local planning –> national policy is up to you). Particularly those within close proximity to the Games ‘event zones’ – spaces with potentially high footfall, but difficulties of securitised space and barricades restricting tourism flows, alongside threats of rising rents via gentrification effects. 

I thank all those local businesses and planners that have been part of this study so far, and I hope to hear from many of you via the above ‘Talk London’. 



– Michael.Duignan@anglia.ac.uk
– @michaelbduignan