This project document chapter offers a brief review of recent literature about three forms of active learning: (1) simulated student projects are contrasted with live projects in the form of (2) internal service projects and (3) projects with external partners. Type (3) is referred to in the literature as service learning and student consulting projects (Eyler& Giles, 1999; Cooke & Williams 2004). While most of the literature seems to focus on the effects of the students’ personal development, this chapter discusses the relationship between motivation, assessment and role perceptions, and highlights the positive effects on aspects of student employability, as well as on the students’ and lecturers’ professionalism and identification with the institution.

Heidelberg International Business Academy (HIB) is a business school with an international study programme modelled along British lines that leads to the degree- level award of Bachelor of Arts (Honours). HIB is an associated institution of the Open University.
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