Welcome to the new resource area for all thing transfer-ably skills and academically inclined! Bit unorganized at the moment, but will be categorized in the near future. All content can be freely used through a creative commons licence.

Making a Million - Business Model CanvasDoing Research and the Life of a PhD – Michael’s MBA Talk, December 2013)

LAIBS, GRADSoc and Dr James Hayton (threemonththesis.com) presents video presentation in the business school Harvard Suite – ‘Tips every PhD needs to know’

British Academy of Management – conference notes (2013) – two part workshop – (1) how to scope and systematically review literature and (2) ‘developing a convincing argument in your PhD’

Reading research critically – tips from Anglia Ruskin to Harvard!

Visualizing and Connecting your Research (2013) – Michael’s June 2013 conference workshop

Becoming a Digital Scholar – 2014 workshop launch – brand new 2014 series of workshops designed to get researchers and all scholars online, digital, open and networked

Using info graphics to communicate research data effectively – 2014 workshop

‘Evolution of Management lecture’ – Michael’s 2011 talk for 3rd year management students

Management and Complexity Theory (Anglia Ruskin, Oct 2010) seminar – Michael’s 2011 talk for 3rd year management students